Embarking on an ocean adventure, whether it be swimming, surfing, sailing or SUP boarding, is something so many of us gain deep pleasure and relaxation from. However, the ocean poses specific challenges for our skin, demanding a specific approach to sun protection.

The ocean's expansive surface, with its reflective capacity, amplifies the intensity of sunlight (as does snow in alpine conditions). This phenomenon poses a higher risk of UV exposure compared to being on land. The constant interplay between water and sunlight necessitates a robust sun protection strategy to shield the skin from potential damage.

Beyond the sun's rays, spending extended periods in salt and fresh water can lead to skin dehydration, inflammation, and oxidized stress. We need more than just sun
protection; we need hydrating skincare actives which is why we formulated our SPF50 stick with organic jojoba and coconut oil, cocoa butter, and sesame seed oil, all of which help maintain skin hydration and retention of the SPF (up to 80 mins in water)

Conscious of our responsibility to protect marine life, Utu's sunscreen stick is mineral based and reef-safe, ensuring that your skin protection aligns with environmental preservation. Moreover, being a zero-plastic sunscreen, it reflects our commitment to reducing plastic waste and maintaining the health of our oceans. Utu&'s SPF50 Sunscreen Stick stands as the perfect companion for those who revel in the vastness of the ocean, offering a blend of superior sun protection, hydration, and environmental consciousness. Embrace the waves with confidence, knowing that Utu has crafted a sunscreen that understands and addresses the unique needs of your adventurous aquatic spirit.

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